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Continental Resource is well known for Production and Exploration of Natural Gas and Petroleum. It was established in 1967 under the figure “Shelly Dean Oil Co” by Mr. Harold Hamm. The companionship was re-named Continental Resources in 1990. In the year 2017 Continental reserves rendered 242 thousand barrels of Oil equivalent( 1,480, 000 GJ) per epoch, of which 57% was Petroleum and 43% was Natural Gas.

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With proven record in delivering a number of project within the are of focus, from infirmary, Industrial and residential project.

Armed with multi disciplinary services reporting from Concept design to Construction ), it enables them to oversee the projects from conception to completion.

about the job

oversee the completion of construction projects, from planning to budgeting and fixing key decisions,

Guarantees to campaigns fall within the proposed budget and are completed on time.

Support and supervise staff members of day-to-day handling, monitor and control refuge.

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Al Faisal Holding Job Vacancies

JOHNSON AND JOHNSON, one of LARGEST occupations that presumed a huge part in the advancement of the Qatar economy and foundation draw in several remote guess and concluding huge vocation possibilities. Al Faisal Holding Job Vacancies is given below.

Are you looking for Engineering Jobs In Dubai? Driving Korean Engineering and Construction Company incorporated in Power Plant/ Refinery/ Petrochemical/ Oil and Gas/ Overhead Transmission Line and Substation Activity in Middle East-Online Job Search.

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Al Faisal Holding, one of Qatar’s driving privately owned jobs that accepted a huge part in the advancement of the Qatar economy and foundation attract in countless remote undertakings and building monstrous vocation opportunities. Al Faisal Holding Job Vacancies is given below.