It is an evoking season to the human rights congres as we are building on our aUsing Data Bettera programme internally, which will see a stair change in the way we use data through working in conjunction differently and improving our digital abilities. Additionally, in the different regions of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan( STP) in North London, we have find Cerneras HealthEIntent which is a population health management platform which will enable us to use data better across social care and the NHS to improve outcomes. Additionally,

we have won an applied analytics award from the Health Foundation to look at how we could better blend vicinity permission and health data to understand the social determinants of health, and are increasingly strengthening our links with academic marriages. The “candidates ” would be part of a large analytical crew with opportunities to work with psychoanalysts, including multi-agency ones that will make a real divergence to regional public sphere make. It is a great opportunity forA an individual who is looking to develop their busines within a multi-disciplinary analytical crew.