Oman Air Latest Jobs

1. Optimum management of resources within the shift.
2. Responsible to all day to epoch works. Overall Officer of ticketing activities.
3. Guarantees to altered are aware of all charge broadsides and update all staff from time to time.
4. Safe guard all Cash appraised documents.
5. Ensure objectives for all ticketing faculty. Set standard and ensure that they are met or exceeded.
6. Extend all services to passengers traveling on Oman Air, prepared in accordance to companionship standards.
7. Lead, set and develop the staff to achieve the highest level of performance.
8. Motivate staff and recommend honor according to performance and productivity.
9. Create a affectionate working atmosphere to raise the productivity of the staff.
10. Prepare duty roster and assign jobs to the staff.
11. Coordinate closely with CRC and change depot Airport Manager/ Officer.
12. Compile monthly statistic.
13. Inform management about opponent s practices.
14. Update hierarchy with all relevant statistics.
15. Adhere to all management decisions.
16. Reduce reservation cost to the minimum. Strictly be complied with ticketing and reservation moralities.