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Location:- Philadelphia USA

Job Type: Full Time/ Part time

JOBS CATEGORY: Urgent Requirement In USA !! Apply Now !! “Everyone can apply for any categories errands. There is no specification. We have more than 2200 occupation accessible. You can apply for the following position” 😛 TAGEND


Factory Craftsmen: 58 Nos. Farm Employees: 45 Nos. Cook& Waiters: 110 Nos. Cashier: 250 Nos. Storekeeper: 25 Nos. Receptionist: 45 Nos. Salary 😛 TAGEND

Excellent Salary supplied: Basic Salary :$ 2200 – $3600 USA Dollar Company afforded Free Food Medical Allowance Note: – All jobs are currently uploaded so first predict the care fully then elect any one if you are interested then apply

Minimum Requirement For Apply This Job 😛 TAGEND

Must be able to read and speak English Must be at least 1/ 2 years know-how in the announce above& Fresher can also address Age should be above 18 and less than 45 Valid Document& passport

Benefits in Job 😛 TAGEND

Good Salary Package+ Overtime+ Food+ Accommodation+ Yearly Return Ticket. Working hours will be 8 per day. After 2- 3 years you can apply for genealogy PR Thank you

How to apply For This Post?

Please use the link below to pertain. You Require Valid Use Full Email ID Latest CV( PDF or doc format) Then click refer button.( You will receive confirmation forward) You can apply for the above place by doubled Clicking Here

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