The top 5 people needed on oil rigs and job sites | AUG 2018

The following ar the top 5 people needed for drilling rig 😛 TAGEND

1. Engineer- Toils for the oil company

Designs the job, writes the job procedure, induces decisions if or when happens go wrong.

2. Consultant/ Company Man- Consults for the petroleum company

Represents the petroleum corporation on area, supervises the job, directions up all the various services, signals tickets, communicates with the engineer, reaches sure the job is carried out as per the engineer’s design/ procedure.

3. Tool Push- Directs for the rigging company

Represents the rigging firm, administers and directs the rigging gang, in charge of all the rigging tools/ equipment.

4. Driller/ Operator- Operates for the rig company

Physically cultivates the restricts, controls the restraint and the barriers, aims the Derrick man and roughnecks.

5. Safety Hand- Operates for, or consults for lubricant company

Makes sure all the work carried out is performed according to busines HS& E/ OSHA guidelines, writes up and investigates near misses and incidents.