We are manager for new innovations of its agricultural production of newborn leaves, salad and veggies, furnishing purchasers in North America all year long for the purposes of the well-known description, Fresh Attitude. Our pre-washed and ready-to-eat boxed salads are available in all major grocery series in UK with a strong a rapidly growing existence in the US.
We have acquired approximately 700 acres of country in Coldstream, BC and we are building a 70,000 sq. ft state of the art raise parcel facility. We intend to begin make operations in BC starting in July of 2018 and we have numerous undertaking prestiges to replenish!
We are a dynamic, innovative organisation operating state of the art facilities across the country with expertise in both flourishing and jam-pack conventional and organic produce. Our approaching to customer service is defined in terms of exceptional business partnerships. The company has over 1,000 employees in Canada and in United-States and is a continuously developing company with a head office can be found in Quebec. Having redoubled the size of our business during the past 5 year with an ambitious programme and raise design, our goal is to continue generating double digit increment annually going forward. Our current programme is to repeat the business pattern in the Northeast by expanding in British Columbia. An entry into the Western Canadian sell will provide an opportunity to offer national coverage to our patrons with products that congregate strong neighbourhood the progress and respond to our patrons demand for healthy, organic, handy and better for you diet.